Industrial Shelving for Warehouse Storage & Distribution

Bridge the gap between standing rack and empty space! Flexible, lighter-duty industrial shelving organizes every square foot rack doesn’t cover.

Shelving units are ideal for:

  1. Small parts storage
  2. Automotive parts
  3. Hydraulic fittings
  4. Manufacturing product storage
  5. Records storage
  6. Medical tools/supplies
  7. Industrial parts & products
  8. Consumer goods storage
  9. And many more applications!

Industrial Shelving Types

BOLTLESS/RIVET: Freestanding and expandable. These sturdy shelves are ideal for box and bin stacking and general industrial storage.

CLIP-STYLE: High-grade steel shelving, ideal for busy warehouse workflows.

WIDE SPAN: A fully-customizable shelving system suited to hand-loading all manner of products.

MULTI-LEVEL SYSTEMS: Incorporate catwalks to expand your storage capacity upward.

Add Shelving, Add Productive Capacity

To bridge more gaps in your facility and expand your team’s productive capacity, contact Forklifts Group for industrial shelving units.