Custom-Built Mezzanines for Growing Storage Space

Add thousands of square feet for storage or office space – without adding on to your building! Mezzanines make a big difference for productive space.

Two main types of mezzanines exist:


Freestanding mezzanine is a low cost way to add square footage to your facility for offices, storage, or production areas.

Shelving or Rack-Supported

Add an entire second floor, or multiple floors with storage below it.

Tailored Mezzanine Design from Forklifts Group

Each warehouse has its own spacing and its own workflow. Putting a mezzanine in takes planning and foresight.

When you call Forklifts Group’s systems engineers, you’re getting both. We lead installations with a fully-custom design, fitting the mezzanine in your space & budget. Then we oversee your mezzanine construction from start to finish.

Double Your Productive Space

Use a mezzanine to get more out your existing space. Contact Forklifts Group to get started.