Industrial Rack, Shelving, and Storage Solutions from Forklifts Group

When you need to expand your facility’s operations, relocate, or just need better use of production space, come to Forklifts Group for help.

Your Single Source for all Industrial / Warehouse Rack

Forklifts Group’s Warehouse Systems team carries the industrial rack & shelving components you’ll need, from parts & pieces to million-square-foot warehouse racks.

Need to design a new workspace layout? Our warehouse design experts will take care of that too, tailoring the layout to your workflows and available space.

Warehouse Rack Types Available

Pallet Rack

Push back pallet rack systems offer similar storage density as drive-in pallet rack while improving selectivity and accessibility to a range of SKUs.

Selective Rack Storage

The simple design allows for the rack to be utilized in a multitude of ways – offering 100% SKU selectivity and coverage of both light and heavy loading weights.

Pallet Flow Rack

In terms of density, pallet flow is comparable to both push-back and drive-in/drive-thru rack. It also enables automatic FIFO product inventory management.

Carton Flow Rack

These systems are essentially miniature versions of pallet flow systems where movement is largely driven by gravity to transport a load from one side of the system to the other. It also enables automatic FIFO product inventory management.

Drive-In / Drive-Thru Pallet Rack

Provides the most storage density for the dollar by allowing the forklift operator to enter into the depth of the system. Commonly used in freezer and cooler applications.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever storage rack systems use arms that extend from the towers allowing unobstructed, frontal access to items. Materials of varying lengths can be stored. Commonly used to store drywall and other wide building materials.

Multi-Level Pick Modules

Pick Module Storage Rack Systems optimize product flow using pallet and carton flow racks through a storage rack system to expedite the order-fulfillment process.

A Forklifts Group warehouse specialist will source the racking product best suited to your workflow.

Warehouse Design & Installation

Need more racks? Better ways to move and store product? Forklifts Group’s Warehouse Systems design experts are here to help. You’ll find everything you need for a productive warehouse design right here.

Our experts help you tailor your warehouse layout to run smoother and more efficiently. How? It starts with a site visit. Site visits identify your current workflows and rack layouts. Then we design to fit those parameters.

Forklifts Group Warehouse Design Specialties:

  • Professional in-house installation team, with hundreds of rack setups under their belt
  • Insured for safe on-site rack construction
  • CAD layouts
  • No size/budget restrictions – From parts storage to million-square-foot warehouses, Forklifts Group’s Warehouse Systems has the product you’ll need

Rack Repair

Spot a bend in your rack? Damage on a floor connection? Repair it fast! We offer safe, efficient rack repair.

In most cases, we don’t need to unload the racks to make the repair.

Put safety first. Contact Forklift Group’s Warehouse Systems Department to request on-site rack repair.

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